Permanent exhibition

salaThe power of positive relationships

The permanent exhibition at the Museum draws upon multicultural sources from the town and region in order to transcend the borders of the “little homeland”, Poland and even Europe. By presenting our world's diversity of nationalities, ethnicities, and religions, the exhibition highlights the importance of positive relationships through numerous examples of intercultural dialogue etched in history. 


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labyrinthIn the labyrinth of dialogue

Led by the voices of contemporary practitioners of intercultural dialogue, the visitors reach the representatives of the philosophy of dialogue, who guide them through the next part of the exhibition: Martin Buber, Ferdinand Ebner, Emmanuel Levinas and Józef Tischner. The guides let the visitor choose one of the two entrances to the black room, which houses the next part of the permanent exhibition.


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triangleThe diversity triangle

The multimedia presentations all follow a similar pattern and feature photographs, images, interviews with authority figures, audio materials and short texts. Using the touch screen, the viewers may select the presentation they are interested in.


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