“Museotherapy” is an annual conference held by a group of scientists, practitioners - public that is fascinated with sociotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic working methods applied in museums. During the two-day meeting, we are examining the relations of educational programs beneficiaries and employees from various cultural heritage institutions.

The conference will feature two short sessions of monographic lectures. This year we are going to address art therapy and sheer “museotherapy” issues.  Posing a question: “How does it work?” allow us to discern sheer educational activities related to museum education or education using art, but it will also refer to direct experiences of conference participants. Both the speakers and listeners will be able to contrast their own experiences with new acquired knowledge.

Workshops showing broad spectrum of uses of art in educational studies will take place on the second day of the conference. Artistic activities will exhibit that art and works of art can influence our feelings, how direct contact with works of art change our perception and form relationships between artwork and receiver.

We will make an effort to examine the work of art from the perspective of a viewer and a creator, keeping in mind the changes of perception (that occur) in the process. Due to eye trackers, we will be able to “catch” the intangible, to identify which works of art speak to us on an emotional level.