Temporary exhibitions

Żeromski in theatre and cinema

Żeromski in theatre and cinema

This exhibition is dedicated to film adaptations of the prose by Żeromski and theatre plays based on the writer's works. However, this exhibition is not about comparing literary works with their film or theatrical counterparts. The key issue is to establish the connection between literature and film as phenomena fundamental for the development of cinema and evolution of literature itself. By juxtaposing them, we have an opportunity to see "how they illuminate each other and what features become the most prominent as a result of this approach".

The exhibition poses a question whether it is possible to translate metaphoric, ambiguous and poetic meanings to the language of images used by the world of film. If so, what are the consequences of this process?

The exhibition will be held from 26 April to 31 August 2016 at the Museum of Stefan Żeromski's School Years, branch of the National Museum in Kielce.


Curator: Sylwia Zacharz



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