Temporary exhibitions

Alice. Illustrations

In keeping with tradition, as the International Children's Day approaches, for the little ones and their parents we have prepared a unique exhibition of illustrations, this time of "Alice in Wonderland". The exhibition will include 90 works of over 70 illustrators from 16 countries, among others, from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and, as might be expected, Estonia.

The inspiration for the works by the Estonian illustrator Viive Noor featured in the exhibition were the words from Lewis Carroll's book, namely "It’s always tea-time". The most interesting things in books tend to happen when writers let their imagination run wild. This also applies to real life. Sometimes it feels like the time has stopped, usually when we are doing something we enjoy. Drinking tea is in itself a very pleasant way of passing the time. Illustrating this in the context of Alice's adventures must have given the artists plenty of joy.

Among the works on display the visitors will be able to see, for instance, portraits of Alice, the Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, a cat without a grin or a grin without a cat, numerous renditions of the mad tea party, plastic visions of the passing of time and even Alice's falling down a rabbit hole and well, which is the beginning of the girl's adventures. You will be able to peep through a keyhole at the most magnificent garden in the world, take a closer look at the protagonist as she shrinks and grows, and taste the tea by drinking it from the most bizarre cups and jugs.

The exhibition will open on 16 June 2016 at the Museum of the Dialogue of Cultures and close on 28 August.

The exhibition is organised in cooperation with the Estonian Embassy. For the first time it was displayed in autumn 2015 in the Estonian Children's Literature Centre in Tallinn.