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In response to the war

2014: the centenary of the First World War. This war had disastrous consequences, millions of victims and took us right to the Second World War. It also changed the face of the world until today: first female emancipation movements, revolutions, emergence of new political forces. A modified geographical policy.... But paradoxically it resulted in 1914 in the emergence of major artistic movements: Cubism, abstraction, constructivism, Dadaism that challenge all time.

The last veteran died, there few years. Our generations and future generations forget or ignore gradually all of this war will one day become a

hundred years war. Memory is lost and yet this war is part of the common European heritage. And especially that Europe was built with bloody wars before it’s been built on economical way of thinking.

How do contemporary artists depict, away or denounce the barbarity of war in general? How do they cope with peace in their work? More broadly, how art comes to confront or join great stories?

Each participating artist presents his response «military helmet» as support of his work. Painted, engraved, embroidered, covered, turned ... 71 artists chosen for the diversity of their approaches, painters, artists, videographers, photographers ... Thirty different worlds and mixes of mediums.

The choice of military helmet has become immediately, for several reasons. The helmet maintains a direct relationship with its owner, it protects the latter, it is rather defensive than warlike but paradoxically, it identifies the army to which one belongs. It also marks a shift in the industrialization of the war, it comes through the replacement of the cap in the French army.

It demonstrates an evolution path to industrial war, new weapons yet it remains bound to the individual who wears it. Apart from the attraction of the various works presented this exhibition will also create ephemeral cultural spaces and will generate other than historical reflections on the war.



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