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The aim of exhibiting the works by that contemporary artist, Jacek Sienicki (1928-2000), is to present his artistic work in almost its entirety, from the 1950s to the end of his life. Objects play the major role in his works – they form his characters, settled in the privacy of his studio and constructed by his narrative of dense colouring. While it may seem to be simple painting, that is only an appearance. One, sometimes two or more objects as well as the background, and nothing more – that is his strength. This is a demure, silent and very intimate type of painting, one that is difficult to comprehend at a simple glance. It is art upon which we need to gaze, stopping for some moments, as only then do the entire variety of colours, textures, surfaces and, most importantly, the objects themselves, sometimes hidden in the background, become apparent. Not until we sustain longer contact with such work do we capture that. We begin to see how, with a certain carelessness, he placed thick strokes of paint that refract at various angles; how they push one another in order to be closer to the surface; how they together form a separate, rich and spacious world of textures, seemingly living their own lives after being left alone. When our gaze pauses on them, the rich and rough texture recreates this artist’s world; thick impasto brushstrokes of different directions leading us to his studio, showing us easels, desks, cabinet interiors, and various objects on the tables. We see old bottles, animal skulls, large cuts of meat, empty pots, all apparently left in the studio only a second ago, presenting us part of his private world.





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