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White, Red, Brotherhood

biel, czerwień, braterstwo

The exposition was prepared to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence. It explores the evolution of one of the community's symbols: the national colours. It also highlights the idea of brotherhood: respect, cooperation and solidarity. The exposition displays the evolution of the red hue from crimson to amaranth to vermillion, as well as the application of such colours as white and navy blue. The history of the Polish colours is set against the history of Poland, highlighting the struggle in those times of lost independence, and culture in the times of sovereignty. The national colours have also been a source of inspiration for artists and the exposition presents this process as well.

Among the exhibits are objects belonging to the National Museum in Kielce, as well as others borrowed from different museums and private owners – flags, pictures, lithographs, attires, fabrics, ceramics, medals, patriotic jewellery, stamped manuscripts, postcards, window stickers, posters and photographs. The exposition includes portraits of Polish kings, a facsimile of the Stockholm manuscript roll, a confederation standard from the epoch of Kings Stanisław Leszczyński and August II, a pennant of the National Cavalry Squadron from the times of King Stanisław August Poniatowski, the “Żywią Y Bronią” (Support And Defence) flag of the Kościuszko uprising period, the “Za Naszą i Waszą Wolność” (For Our and Your Freedom) standard from the November Uprising, a banner of the January Uprising, a standard of the First Brigade of the Polish Legions in Italy, as well as attires of the Polish Olympic team, a pennant of the first Polish climbing expedition to the Himalayas, which reached the summit of Nanda Devi East (7,434 m above sea level) and finally the red and white ribbon Aleksander Doba had on him during his third transatlantic kayak expedition in 2017.


Curator: Paweł Grzesik, Ph.D.

Coordinator: Małgorzata Osobińska

Arrangement design: Artur Ptak, Ph.D.



The event makes part of the project “The Independent. Colours and sounds".

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Co-funded by the Multiannual Programme “THE INDEPENDENT for 2017-2021” within “The Independent” Grant Programme.