Temporary exhibitions

30/100_PL. 30 Years of Freedom


The first part of the "30/Freedom" exhibition was created in 2014-2015 in cooperation with Justyna Pobiedzińska. It was made on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the changes in 1989 for the "Dialog-Pheniben" quarterly.

Two types of freedom have been distinguished since Hegel: "Freedom from something" and "freedom to do something.” The first is freedom understood as the lack of external coercion, the second as the freedom of choice. In 1989, the concept of freedom functioned primarily in the sense of "freedom from" enslavement, hypocrisy and persecution by the communist system. After 1989, this concept took on other meanings. This part of the exhibition refers to the personal experiences of the protagonists, focusing on the criterion of "freedom to do something". What does freedom mean for a Polish resident living here and now?



The second part, "100/Poland", is a fragment of the project "Namesakes. Poland 2018", created in 2018 at the request of the Polish Institute in Moscow and designed by Dariusz Klechowski.

Family remembrance, individual fates and the various places of residence of the protagonists are arranged in a mosaic depicting contemporary Poland - diverse, modern, but also with serious problems. The key to selection of Polish characters were the most popular Polish names. Landscapes, portraits and their statements, often very fragmentary, show what we often do not notice every day.



The third part, "PL/2019”, was created in 2015-2019 for the following websites: wyborcza.pl and Mediapart.fr

People, events and pictures. The last few years, which have shaken Poland since the transformation in 1989.



15 May 2019, at 18.00

Museum of Intercultural Dialogue, Branch of the National Museum in Kielce, Rynek 3, Kielce


Author: Piotr Wójcik

Exhibition curator: Dominique Roynette