What are we for?

The Museum for Intercultural Dialogue, a new branch of the National Museum in Kielce, is a modern and interactive institution. It is a museum of ideas, where knowledge is presented in narrative form. It is a museum of positive relations, where intercultural dialogue and the culture of dialogue are equally important.

The Museum for Intercultural Dialogue is above all a modern and interactive meeting place.
It provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas and experiences, enables the study of other cultures and offers a wealth of knowledge about foreign traditions, which allows visitors to gain inspiration and knowledge about themselves and their own culture. The Museum for Intercultural Dialogue illustrates its core concept with different examples and perspectives, both historic and contemporary. It gives visitors a broad view of diversity: national, ethnic, religious, in addition to diversity determined by gender and social position. It presents phenomena and concepts from such fields as ethnology, sociology and cultural anthropology; it explains the meaning of culture, tradition, ethnocentrism, discrimination, tolerance, gender, etc. In addition, the museum features examples of good relations, peaceful coexistence and positive interactions between different cultures.
It builds awareness of cultural differences, illustrates the ideals of solidarity and equality, and presents diversity as a positive value.

In its activities, the Museum for Intercultural Dialogue uses a variety of tools:
a permanent multimedia exhibition, temporary exhibitions, meetings and lectures, a wide range of workshops and educational activities, concerts, film screenings, and more.

The idea to establish an innovative, narrative-focused branch of the National Museum in Kielce was first put forward in 2009 by the Director, Robert Kotowski, PhD. The idea received approval and support from the Regional Operational Programme of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013. The project “Modernization and refitting of the House under Three Coats of Arms for conversion into the Museum for Intercultural Dialogue” started in February 2010 and ended on 14 September 2012 with the opening of the new branch. The museum is located in the centre of Kielce, in the Town Square, which is almost by definition a place for dialogue and all kinds of debates.

The Museum for Intercultural Dialogue is a meeting place, a museum of ideas and positive relations and a peer education laboratory. Various tools, including narratives, multimedia presentations, literature, music, drama, film, meetings, conferences and workshops are used to familiarize visitors with historic events, cultures and traditions while constantly highlighting the importance of the coexistence of multiple and varied views, religions and beliefs. We hope to engage viewers in a discussion about differences determined by nationality, religion, race, social status and gender. To ensure a fruitful exchange of opinions and experiences, all prejudices and stereotypes should be left at the doorstep of the House under Three Coats of Arms, to be replaced with tolerance and respect for otherness.